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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wearing a Hat Can Cause Hair Loss

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Health-Net: There is a myth that people who often wear a hat can cause hair loss and eventually lead to baldness?

Many myths and facts circulating in the community about the causes of hair loss and wearing a hat is a controversial one.

The truth about whether a hat will cause baldness from time to time depending on how often you wear a hat, climate, and how tight headgear hair treatments performed.

One of the reasons why many people believe that the cap can cause hair loss is because many people who go bald like wearing a hat to cover up the fact that her hair loss.

Wearing a hat is too long and too tight on a hot and humid climate can contribute to the excretion and accumulation of sebum and oil on the hair.

Prior is a Waxy substance secreted by sebaceous glands in the skin to the hair follicle. Sebum REACT cans with hardened sebum cholesterol plaque That disrupts the circulation of oxygen and blood to hair follicles That are essential for normal hair follicle growth.

For the short term and certainly wash your hair regularly then this condition should not cause hair loss. Unfortunately, for some people this condition is left and do not care about whether a cap that is used is very dirty or not, so that ultimately contribute to baldness.

And hats can actually contribute positively by blocking harmful sun exposure during the day, which prevent sunburn and cause the hair follicles become too hot and fall off easily.

If you still want to wearing a hat, there are some precautions that hair is not easily fall out, among others:
  • Be sure to wash your hair regularly to stop the buildup of bacteria, oil or in the scalp.
  • Regularly wash the hat or head covering to kill bacteria and remove excess oil.
  • Make sure you use a hat or head covering That Is loose so as not to impedes the flow of blood and oxygen circulation to the hair follicle.

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