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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

4 types of exercise to improve blood circulation of patients with diabetes

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Health Net: Diabetes can cause hardening or narrowing of blood vessels in the leg so that it can lead to poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation will make you feel cold, heat or pain. There are several exercises that can be done to improve blood circulation in patient’s diabetes.

When poor blood circulation occurs continuously, it is possible that patients with diabetes will experience diabetic foot disorders and increased risk of amputation and even death. Exercise can improve circulation and blood flow to the legs.

Here are some exercises that can improve blood circulation in patients with diabetes, as reported by Livestrong on Tuesday November 8, 2011:

1. Aerobics
American Diabetes Association recommends aerobic exercise as a way to increase blood circulation throughout the body. Form of aerobic exercise that focuses on lower body includes walking, dancing, cycling and swimming.

Do not forget to use comfortable shoes to provide cushioning and support your feet during aerobic exercise, so that spared from cuts and abrasions which can cause infection.

2. Stretching
Stretching tight muscles can reduce stress levels and improve blood circulation throughout the body, according to the Mayo Clinic. American College of Sports Medicine recommends two weekly sessions that combine stretching the major muscles. Extra stretch in the calf ankle and foot can improve circulation negatively affected by diabetes.

3. Rotation of the ankle
Rotation of the ankle can increase blood flow and circulation in the ankle, foot and leg. The trick, sitting in a chair and rest your feet on the ground.

Raise your right leg about 30 cm of soil and movement of the fingers in the direction away from the body. Movement of the big toe forming a large circle to the right. Keep your legs in a stable and allow the ankle and the foot that works. After 10 circles, change direction and do the same with the left foot.

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