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Monday, October 3, 2011

Is it true that men are more at risk of developing colon cancer?

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Health Net: The men have a higher risk of developing colon cancer than women. Therefore they are advised to do a colon at the age of 45 years or five years earlier than previously recommended.

Researchers in a study published in the journal of the American Medical Association, found that men 1.8 times higher chance of benign tumors, which may evolve into more virulent and has a two times higher odds of colon cancer symptoms. The findings also reveal that men are affected by this disease at the age of 10 years earlier than women.

According to data at the American Cancer Society, more than 141 thousand people in America diagnosed with colon cancer this year and nearly 50 thousand of them will die from it. The number of men who had colon cancer and die from this disease about 35-40 percent higher than women.

We must raise awareness of these gender differences and emphasize the importance of early screening colonoscopy, said Monika Ferlitsch, assistant professor of health at the Medical University of Vienna, who led the research.

It is said Ferlitsch, a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors is the cause of men exposed to higher chance of bowel cancer. He added that women should also perform the same tests at the age of 50 years. But in reality, only half of people aged 50 years are recommended to do tests that are done.

The research on colon cancer is done by researching the 44,350 people who follow the colonoscopy screening program in Austria in 2007 until 2010. The researchers were looking for the right age to do this test, both men and women. Further research, according to Ferlitsch, is required to see the effectiveness of the implementation of screening colonoscopy based on gender differences.

However, these findings reveal that the male gender is an independent risk factor of colon cancer symptoms for the occurrence of colon cancer and a sign of injury, and demonstrate the latest recommendations for screening colonoscopy by age and gender.

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