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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chest pain more than 15 minutes, beware of heart attack

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Health-Net: Although may appear suddenly without any symptoms, heart attack can also be preceded by complaints of chest pain symptom. Seek counseling at the hospital when a sudden chest pain and not lost by more than 15 minutes.

Chest pain that indicates the occurrence of heart attack is usually felt just behind the breastbone, or retrosternal pain in medical terms. This type of pain varies, can be like a heavy object pressed, squeezed (squeezed) or tingling.

Although everyone is not always the same, sometimes chest pains that is felt before the heart attack can also be accompanied by disordered breathing until you feel tightness. Other symptoms that often accompany a cold sweat and the skin is pale.

If the chest pain lasting more than 15 minutes, watches out for heart attacks. Especially if it had known risk factors. In addition, families who have a history of heart problems and excess levels of cholesterol also increase the risk factor.

If you experience for yourself or find people with such symptoms, the most appropriate step is to take him to hospital as soon as possible. The longer the time wasted, it is feared will be the more heart muscle is damaged.

However, heart attack can also appear suddenly without a preceded by random chest pain. An estimated 80 percent of cases of heart attacks that cause sudden deaths occurred, 50 percent of them without any prior specific symptoms.

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