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Monday, June 20, 2011

The most extreme way to Lose Weight

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Health-Net: Various ways people do to lose weight, start reducing the size of the meal or exercise. But some of the ways in which there are quite extreme.

People who want to lose weight sometimes try various alternative ways, although the way they use would be bad for the health.

Here are some that are considered the most extreme way to lose weight, as reported by Healthmad on Monday June 20, 2011:

1. Regurgitate food or bulimia
People who make they vomit to lose weight usually have a disease known as bulimia. Bulimia includes eating disorders that make people overeat and then vomit it.

After eating delicious food, the first thing that comes to mind is how bulimics make themselves vomit. This method is very mad, because effects of bulimia can be risky to health. People with bulimia can erode tooth enamel, dehydration, damage to the stomach and esophagus and other complications.

2. Hypnotism
There are also people who try hypnotism to lose weight by trying to change behavior. Mayo Clinic says that people who are trying to lose weight with hypnosis may lose a few pounds, if performed in combination with diet and exercise.

3. Potato diet
There are some people trying to lose weight by just eating potatoes every meal. Potatoes are a source of fiber and vitamin C is good, but unfortunately does not provide many vitamins and minerals essential for healthy living.

In addition, potatoes are very high glycemic index. People who are obese and people with diabetes will not benefit from eating potatoes three times a day, every day.

4. Smoke
Some people smoke to reduce the desire to eat. These people generally think that smokers are usually much slimmer than non-smokers.

In addition to cutting the appetite, nicotine is also thought to increase metabolic rate. When metabolism increases, more energy is used to perform bodily functions. However, research has not proven that smoking can increase the rate of metabolism significant.

And in any case, smoking has been associated with various malignancies, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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