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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mommyrexia: a woman's desire to stay skinny while pregnant

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Health-Net: Pregnant but still looks emaciated body consequently a lot of pregnant women have mommyrexia for trying hard to stay skinny while pregnant. All for the appearance but not make them more healthy mommyrexia.

Mommyrexia most frequent symptom among celebrities, Presenter pretty Bethenny Frankel and Victoria Beckham are examples of celebrities who stay slim during pregnancy. Women also seem to lose weight in just a few weeks after childbirth.

This eventually led to the increasing mommyrexia trend among pregnant women. Mommyrexia pregnant woman who is trying hard to still look slim while pregnant.

Women who experience mommyrexia usually very careful with food calorie intake, and exercising excessively during pregnancy to avoid excessive weight gain in infants and body.
Some women even want mommyrexia childbirth by caesarean section in the eighth month of pregnancy and did not want to breastfeed. All this is done so that his body stays slim.

Which may be a victim is a woman who thinks mommyrexia beauty is part of their appeal, women who fear losing the attention of their husbands. It is a vicious circle, women who worry about losing a husband to ignore the baby and may even hate her baby, said Isaac Herschkopf, Manhattan psychiatrist who handles celebrities with eating disorders, as reported by the NYPost on Tuesday June 21, 2011.

Experienced excess weight gain during pregnancy can indeed harm the baby and pregnant women body itself. However, it does not mean women with mommyrexia be healthier. Natural process of pregnancy is strongly recommended for pregnant women acted.

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