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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gene that causes Obesity has been found

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Health-Net: Genes that regulate diabetes and cholesterol in the body was found. Researchers now know the KLF14 gene associated with type 2 diabetes and cholesterol, but not yet to uncover how genes that regulate other genes. This gene is inherited from the mother.

Page CNN on Tuesday May 17, 2011 uncover, researchers from King's College London and University of Oxford said that the study results indicate a major gene flow may cause effects on the metabolism of other genes, which is associated with obesity, HDL cholesterol, insulin, and glucose levels.

They also believe KLF14 acts as a major determinant. The researchers have studied 20,000 genes in 600 female twins to identify genes that relationship.

Based on the results of the study, the gene KLF14 may be the target of treatment to cure diseases associated with metabolism and obesity.

KLF14 seems to play a key determinant of behavioral changes associated with fat, said Mark McCarthy of Oxford University researchers.

Currently, researchers are working hard to understand the process and how to use these findings to improve obesity treatment.

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