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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apples Can Freshen Breath Fast

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Health-Net: In some people, bad breath can occur at any time despite the previous brush. If you do not like to use a mouth freshener spray, pocket just an apple to chew on key moments to be more confident.

Important moments that can be messy because of bad breath is a kiss, especially the lip with the lips together. Therefore, South Korean scientists have developed a variant of a small apple that's easy to carry anywhere and name it Apple Kiss.

Just like apples in general, Kiss Apple also contain lots of fiber and other nutrients that are beneficial to the body. However, in connection with a kiss, which most certainly is useful because it can clean up the remaining fiber food stuck between teeth.

In addition, the water content in apples in general can also be rinsed of impurities, other impurities attached to the tooth surface. Various problem of bad breath that is triggered by chemical imbalances can actually be solved only with an apple.

Excess Kiss Apple than usual apple lies only in the size no bigger than ping-pong balls. Because it can take anywhere with even a small bag, Kiss Apple is expected to be a solution in emergency situations when fresh breath is needed.

Varian special apples for kissing were created by South Korean scientists, Hwang Hye-sung of the Rural Development Administration. Hye-sung's hopes in the near future it can be cultivated apples in bulk so that anyone can use it.

Essentially we just want young people eat a lot of apples so we created an apple that is easy to carry anywhere, said Hye-sung who called Kiss Apple as self-care bad breath, as quoted by Reuters.

However, some South Koreans responded to these findings by reason of cold apple little can actually be dangerous. Couples who want to kiss are usually very anxious, so that the apple as small as it is feared will be easily swallowed and stuck in the throat.

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